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Independent journal exploring the intersections between material and digital cultures, and broader themes to do with our bodies, labour, and time.
Aims to promote discussion about how technology will reshape ideas around community action, communication, and the arts.


ϜüΤu℞E-ϝOȿȿįĹ series

Malu Laet
Time of Publication: 17:17 - 17/3/22

ϜüΤu℞E-ϝOȿȿįĹ is a series of timeless totems made by an imaginary society, their real visage is unknown.The fossils are made of samples of physical actors that accelerate the geological Anthropocene. The global implementation of the digital-stack deeply violates Earth’s intimate mantle from mining silicon to produce more nano-chips. These sculptural-totems are made with synthetic materials that are currently polluting and mutating our biosphere. Our environment is not supporting it, the climate crises is another immanent example of a monstrous inhuman agent, or a hyper-object, that is displacing the position of the human with an ecology of the end of the world. I selected materials that will remain in Earth until-beyond our human extinction. The xeno-natives re-appropriate the remains of Amazon(ian) gadgets and stones into spiritual emblems and haptic portals.